Walking down the hallway to Co-X Green Works is nothing like walking the rows of lettuce, broccoli or tomatoes on a vast landmass known as a farm. No, the Co-X 'farm' is tucked into a corner of an old, dilapidated, semi-abandoned building in what was the original downtown in Taichung City, Taiwan. Walk a few steps across the street, turn around and look up. You won't see a red barn, sky-scraping silos or tractors roaming fields. However, if you venture into the building by climbing it's garbage-strewn stairs (soon to be cleaned up for DiY1124) or take a ride in the spooky elevator, you'll hit the 5F and will be awoken to an art gallery of graffiti-covered walls, strategically placed lighting and a little indoor farm at the end of the hall called Co-X Green Works.


In January of this year, Co-X Green Works opened it's doors to several testing sights growing everything from leafy green vegetables in a hydroponic system, microgreens using soil and LED lighting and tomatoes, basil and beans using the Dutch Bucket method. While the leafy greens are showing some improvement with time and the DM system is humming away, it turns out that the microgreens are doing quite fine and continue to produce plenty of stock for a variety of dishes. These micro plants come in a variety of specie (radish, cilantro, cabbage and many more), flavours (spicy, sweet) and colours (too many to mention here!). So, you say, What are microgreens? Are there any health benefits to them? What sorts of dishes can I add them to? How do they grow?


Someone should send you some Radish
With Red Cabbage from a friend,
It's nice to taste Cilantro again
And the Beets are tossed in a salad
Gone are the Sunflowers and Broccoli
Things to remember, salads to eat
Pretty microgreens all in a row

I can guarantee with certainty that when the Eagles wrote and sang their soon-to-be hit, Pretty Maids All in a Row, they weren't thinking about microgreens; and I can say with some assurance that you weren't thinking that microgreens could be used in anything but salads. Well, think again. These versatile, tasty, healthy and (I might add) attractive little greens can be used in an assortment of different dishes. From soups to salads, breakfast to lunch and dinner, these greens can be used in all sorts of ways. Not interested in biting into a salad full of microgreens, well, they make healthy and energy-filled morning or midday juices to give you that kick to keep you going throughout the day. Filled with plenty of vitamins, minerals and calcium, these little greens are the perfect addition to your daily nutritional needs.


Microgreens are slowly becoming an item on store shelves and in restaurant dishes in Taiwan. While their popularity is growing it's still hard to find enough stock and variety. That's why Co-X Green Works is making an effort to fill the gap for lovers of microgreens and even the new crowd willing to give these wonderful little vegetables a try. There are so many ways to eat microgreens. Now all you have to do is link to The Market and make a selection of the freshest, healthiest and most delicious microgreens on Taiwan.

Your body, taste buds and dishes with thank you over and over again!

If you have any questions specific to microgreens, our delivery system or more, please leave a comment below.

Thank you and green-up your life with microgreens!

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