This is a story of what could be, what is and what once was not long ago. Some of what you will read in this article is a dream (The Future: A Place to Play, Create & Innovate) but isn't out of the realm of possibility. We are at a stage in this beautiful story where the next leap forward is one where 'we' create a long-lasting, growing and open concept idea and home (building) to make this all come together and 'happen'. By no means do we think that this process will be easy and void of any blood, sweat, tears or money (perhaps the biggest hurtle of all). Still, give us a few minutes of your time, your eyes and your imagination so we can share with you what could become something special for all members of our community.  This is a place and an idea that we can all come to love, appreciate and grow for many years to come. Enjoy!


未來:一個遊戲、創意與創新的場所 | The Future : A Place to Play, Create & Innovate

The revolving doors on 台灣大道 unlock, lights turn on and guests casually walk through the mezzanine to a set of stairs that lead to any one of eleven floors. Guests are welcomed by teams of volunteers, teachers and other guests. The hustle and bustle of city life gives way to the chatter and laughter of young children, their parents and others as they stream into  early morning classes,  grab a cup of coffee from one of the on-site cafés or opening lines heard from inside one of the cinemas showing a series of short films.  Another day has begun and the possibilities looking ahead to the day are endless. On 1F, a smorgasbord of cafes, eateries and handicraft shops spill out into the streets and sidewalks that surround 2 sides of the building (the other:  綠川西街) . Come 2F~4F, guests are greeted with open concept shared workspaces, bookshelves overflowing with any subject or topic of interest, and creators working alongside well-established veterans at tables that go on as far as the eye can see. The 5F~8F are reserved for everything from classrooms, vegetable and fruit mini-farms, short-film cinemas and R&D stations. Once you reach the 9F~11F top-shelf floors and roof space, preparations are being made for that evenings Art & Music Festival and Fundraiser showcasing young and aspiring artists. (Funds raised will help source, purchase and supply artists with the resources they need to help them develop their skills.)

Welcome to 千越 Place: The Home for Creation, Innovation and Discovery.  千越 Place is the result tireless, yet  enthusiastic organising, planning, designing and building by a youthful group of aspiring artists and creators. In it's 6th year of operations, this is a 'home to all' who thrive and grow through connecting! Guests take part in a myriad of activities on a monthly, weekly, daily and hour-to-hour basis. Whether their 'thing' is art, music, culinary arts, drink-making, film-making, 'you name it', members of the community - far and wide - come from all age, education, income, social and cultural groups; no one is turned away and most come back time and time again!

What the future holds is left to the hearts, minds and imagination of the family that call 千越 Place home. In the meantime, guests continue to fall in love with the joys brought on by a shared space that opens it's arms to all comers who want to share ideas and their love of working alongside members of their community.



現在:有機發展 | The Present : Growing & Green

The final hours which culminated from an incredible day, a tiring week and a busy month made DiY1201: Art & Music Festival a fantastic success story. The art displayed on the walls and in the hallways brought joy and interest to the hundreds of onlookers that crossed paths on the 5F and 6F throughout the day. Music, musicians and singers tickled many ears and filled the colourful hallways from start to finish. Scattered throughout Studio - X, students and teachers collaborated on a variety of engaging and interactive activities from acting classes to seal making to a collection of different art techniques.

For it's part, 千越 Place filled it's role as a platform, a showcase, even as a gallery, with higher than flying colours and created a feeling of joy and warmth within it's sacred, busted and broken walls.  This birthplace of what used to be a retail, office and entertainment quarter was transformed into a jam-packed conclave of art, music, food, drinks and dancing for all who came out on December 1, 2018. A once derelict and semi-abandoned shell has been given a lifeline allowing a smattering of residence, a small and growing farm at Co-X Green Works and a creative and 'out of this world' collection of artists a place to mature . So, where to from here?

What's missing? What's needed? A charismatic, off-the-wall leader-of-sorts (or two or three or more) who want to spark interest and re-think. This pace is ripe for the picking and is open to a new energy, an enlightening vibe and a change in direction.  Let's not strip these walls bare only to build up in it's place another condominium apartment absent of life. Let's steer clear of yet another shopping mall draped with banners advertising the latest brand. Let's not just give up on our imagination and creative spirit and be forced to lay grounds for another parking lot (Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell). We can do better; we must do better. We will do better!

DiY1201: Art & Music Festival將會讓人驚艷的成功,因為這是透過數月的努力而呈現的活動。活動當天,在5樓與6樓牆上與走道展示的藝術品帶給賓客愉悅的經驗,同時,音樂也縈繞耳際、充滿了整個色彩繽紛的廊道。在Studio - X則有各種引人投入的活動,包括了從表演到封蠟章等各樣藝術課程。千越是個平台、展示場、藝廊,用繽紛的色彩來讓人感到開心與溫暖,取代了原本斑駁頹圮的建築。本來是綜合商場的千越,2018年12月1日起,將為大家搖身一變為充滿各種藝術、音樂、飲食、舞蹈聚會的場所。


別只是拆除這棟大樓重建一個只有空間沒有生活、愛與溫暖的空間。別只是為了建設另一個充滿當季新品廣告的購物商場。別放棄我們的想像與創造精神只為了一個新的停車場 (Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell)。我們能做更多,我們必須做更多,我們將做更多

過去:發現之旅 | The Past : A Field  Trip & A Discovery

A half decade before discovering 千越 three friends held weekly (some daily) meet-ups at a never-before-unwrapped office building in the north end (here) of Taichung City, Taiwan, where they worked away on their personal projects while also looking ahead to the idea of creating a shared workspace for larger groups. A year later, the trio were out of time and down on their luck. It was time to move out and so began the arduous task of finding a new place. After a few moves into spaces here and there, which included a shared boardroom equipped with a white board, table and chairs (and was far too sterile for their specific needs), it was almost time to give up on their quest for a social and shared workspace.

It all came together one evening when the friends were out for their monthly field trip scouring the city for abandoned ruins. It all came together when searching through a rediscovered set of abandoned and derelict buildings. They climbed 5 flights of stairs to discover walls covered with phenomenal artistic creations originating from a small (but growing) club of friends known as 逃亡計劃 Escape PLAN ''X''. Unbeknownst to either of the friends as they slowly descended upon the Plan "X" studio, their new brothers from the club would quickly become partners in the birth of a vibrant space for creation, innovation and discovery for many years and, perhaps, generations to come.



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