Purple Cabbage

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商品介紹 | Description

這些獨特而美麗的紫色微綠植物令人驚嘆。 這種微綠植物具有深紫色的莖和帶有紫色紋理的茂盛的綠色葉子,是同類中最優雅的植物之一。

These unique and beautiful purple microgreens are stunning. With a deep purple stem and lush green leaf with purple veins, this microgreen stands out as one of the most elegant in its group.

用途說明 | Use

紫甘藍微型蔬菜可用於從沙拉、湯到主菜的所有類型的菜餚中。 嘗試使用它們作為您獨特的甜點的裝飾! 它們一定會帶給目光愉悅。

Purple Cabbage Microgreens can be used in all types of dishes from salads and soups to main entrees. Try using them as a garnish one your one-of-a-kind desserts! They're certain to bring pleasure to the peering eye.

營養成分 | Nutrition

捲心菜小葉菜,尤其是紅捲心菜,其維生素 C 含量比橙子多,維生素 E 含量比捲心菜多 40 倍。 捲心菜微型蔬菜的好處包括支持血液凝固和骨骼構建、防止心臟動脈鈣化或硬化、保護身體免受自由基侵害以及降低慢性病的風險。

Cabbage microgreens, especially red cabbage, have more vitamin C than an orange and 40 times more vitamin E than a cabbage. Cabbage microgreens’ benefits include supporting blood clotting and building bones, preventing calcification or hardening of heart arteries, protecting the body from free radicals, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

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